5 thoughts on “delicious pairing no.22

  1. OMG – I love this autumn inspired color palette. I love mustardy hues for upholstery!! So exquisite! Oh and I admit…I love mac & cheese. Double like:-)))

    Oh and your description is hilarious. I see myself in a furniture store asking for a cheddar colored, macaroni shaped sofa LOL

  2. maria campanelli says:

    Unbelievable Holly,

    This living room is so cozy.
    It really wants me to sink in and have that Mac and Cheese.
    Plus the color invites you to stay home.


  3. People, what’s with the Mac & Cheese? Holly, I forgive you for the food reference:) ONLY because I love the interior so much!!!

    What a fabulous sofa! I would have it in a heartbeat. Space, nah, not a worry. I’ll buy a space to fit the sofa:) xxx excellente!!!

  4. haha… loving the description much like Igor does and cannot stop smiling with Tina’s humor! :) :)
    as for the recipe, first time I hear of it! Would probably not be in my favorites, still would like to try it once!

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