8 thoughts on “delicious pairing no.21

  1. Where’s the pin???

    Love the lamp shade, the Eames Chair, the white chopping board and tea pot!
    Nice match. Now I’m hungry for müsli:) x

    • Thanks for pointing out the pin! I fixed it just now :) Wow, I guess I am quite distracted.

      Glad you like the recipe. I really like how soft it feels.


  2. Hello Holly dear,

    hmmm, was pretty sure there was a comment left from me here the other day….!
    or perhaps I’m in se ri ous need for learning new & effective concentration skills asap!

    I’m just thinking that it could also be a technical issue though.
    Would you please look into it when you can? :) thanks

    All in all, I was expressing my love for the dining room & the whole house of Tara Ballantyne, one of the nicest uses of a large Lerran pendant light ever & how nicely the recipe chosen is expressed through this.

    Also that I loved the expression “breakfast grain salad with almonds”

    The color palette, the use of materials, textures, the easy feeling and smoothness of the space is simply amazing!

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