5 thoughts on “delicious pairing no.20

  1. I am still in amazement that you find these perfect combos. How did you manage to find the interior with the triple brown curtains???? And then match it perfectly to a triple chocolate mousse cake….HOW?

    I very much like the TIP… very well done! xx

  2. Thanks ladies! I quite like this recipe too! Well, who doesn’t love chocolate, right?

    Tina, when I saw the interior image, I immediately thought, chocolate! Chocolate layers! White, milk and dark! It was overwhelmingly clear to me. All I had to do then was find the right chocolate dessert :)


  3. Holly!

    you know I’m a total chocolate lover! That dessert is clearly a piece of art! A delightfully sinful one ; )

    Then, I’m loving the textiles from Elvang, particularly the ones you chose. Such beautiful colors and textures!

    Beautifully combined my dear, this is certainly among my favorite desserts :)

    xoxo Iro

  4. Ha, I would like to echo what Tina wrote. :) This combination is so great and delicious. You perfectly captured the subtle texture and color in both photos.

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