6 thoughts on “delicious pairing no.19

  1. maria campanelli says:


    I really want to have dinner in this hearty living room.
    The warmhearted fireplace completes it.
    Roast brisket with melting beans is the right choise.
    Nice !!!!


  2. Not sure what’s wrong with me but I’m craving meat all the time at the moment. Could be autumn setting in:)

    So, looking at this has made me hungry AGAIN. I’ve just returned from dinner!!!!
    Great interior! Really cozy and inviting.

    I’d like to be there AND DEVOUR the roast dish…. perfect combo x

  3. Thanks you two! I’m craving meat too these days! Weird because we’ve had such nice hot weather lately and usually I’d be more into something like cold melon or fresh salads … but a roast it is ;)

  4. Oh dear, that space is plain awesome!

    Even though I’d decorate it a little less fuzzy (much like you would, am I right perhaps?), I love the concrete wall around the fireplace, combined with that elegant 50s like couch and all the natural wooden accents ( which are perhaps too many for my taste in one room I guess)

    This place looks like an original 70s one, yes?
    It’s certainly mouthwatering to imagine eating that roasted meet and beans ( niom niom!) sat on the floor in front of the fireplace, among good company and a nice, relaxed and carefree atmosphere…


    P.S: listen to your body callings, perhaps eating some meat will add to you feeling better!

  5. I definitely appreciate the masculine features of this room. I’m really liking all this vintage leather that I’ve been seeing in interiors lately. Pairing this room with a roast is perfect.

  6. Hello Design Chef! Today you are all meaty and juicy – like! Even though brown is not a favorite colour of mine in interiors, I do love the various brown hues of wood paired with white and grey and injected with vivid color pops. I could definitely go with the above shown interior for a winter cabin in the mountains:-)

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