10 thoughts on “delicious pairing no.15

  1. I’m loving this so much my friend!
    I’m leaving you just a short note sharing some love, while being rather on a hurry and having a super packed day ahead of me.

    Take care and enjoy your day lovely lady :)

    • Thanks for stopping by here Iro. I had a feeling you would like the whiteness and softness of this space ;) Hope you have an excellent day. Don’t run around too much, it’s way too hot!


    • Ha! Igor, that’s funny, but it also makes me happy to know I am encouraging people to look at things a bit differently. That’s really the main point of The Design Chef. So thanks for making me feel that I’m accomplishing some of my goals here. Happy Friday to you!

  2. Where do you find these? Great matching!,

    Don’t usually like that sort of staircase handle but I LOVE it here:)
    It’s soft and goes very well.

    Those breadsticks make me hungry xx

    • It’s not my style either, but it’s still so charming, right?! Thanks for liking the matching, it’s my favourite part of the recipe process :)

  3. haha… laughing at your comment! I came as I didn’t remember whether I actually left a comment here or if it was only on pinterest. ; )

    As I was planning to leave for the long weekend I had to take care of things around, which mostly involved watering plants, and hanging freshly washed laundry, not so bad for a pleasantly hot German day ; )


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