15 thoughts on “delicious pairing no.14

  1. maria campanelli says:

    A party coming !!!!!!

    This dining room invites you to have lots of friends and family over.
    Cooking together, what a feast !!!!!
    Then all together enjoy the meal !!!!!


    • Hi Toni! Thanks for stopping by :) I love this room too! Did you check out the rest of the images of Villa Vals? It’s such an interesting place!

    • Thanks Krisna! Nice to meet you here. You have a lovely blog. Another place for me to find inspiration! I was happy to learn about Chaat in your latest post, really interesting ;)

  2. Wow – that is a beautiful piece of wood for the tabletop. And big too!

    Despite the furnishings, the room still feels like a cold concrete bunker.

    The variety of lamps is very interesting. They are too different for my tastes.


    • haha! Chris, I know, it is a bit out there. I should mention, this is not a home though, it’s the dining space of a resort in Switzerland. I think it would be really cool to visit, the interior design and architecture is really unique! Thanks for your comment :)

  3. That table is divine. It looks like Olive Wood and I love that it’s not straight edged.

    There’s quite a bit of concrete which is a little cold for me. Interesting points about the lamps.
    Yes, would be really interesting to visit this place.
    Nice choice Holly xx

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