11 thoughts on “delicious pairing no.13

  1. Hi Holly,

    It’s a lot of fun to read your recipes.

    All the white and blue tones make the room look very cool/cold. The Macarons look very unnatural.


  2. I don’t like eating Macarons but I love their look. These blue ones are real fun and I think fantastic as decoration.

    Nice interior to match them. I particularly like the striped Chucks.xx

  3. Thanks for stopping by here and leaving such lovely comments! I find the blues here so very refreshing :) Glad you enjoy The Design Chef’s interior design recipes Xx.

  4. What I mostly love here is the touch of black through the pendant light. And how your pin holding these picture perfect macarons matches it :)
    Certainly the gorgeous light that streams in makes that an amazing corner!
    I wanted to say that the corner looks rather styled for a product shooting, after visiting the link, it might as well be so. I’ll be happily “wasting” some time in the weekend! – if I can control myself now and log off as I wanted to have done since noon (!)

    Enjoy the rest of the day & thanks for the tweet :)
    I promise to log in there as well and tweet a happy song before electronics before me shut down ; )

    Iro xoxo

  5. Lovely post! I love the blue details and of course macarons too!
    Thank you so much for your message, Holly! It’ll be exciting!
    could take a while though as the market is very bad here..
    Have a brilliant weekend! hx

  6. That space is so inviting. I love all the natural light. I could climb right into that chair with a favorite book and be content for hours. Inevitably, I would grow hungry and reach for those yummy macarons.

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